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Santorini Mules and Donkeys Exploited for Profit

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April 10: Greece Honors Heroic Exodus of Missolonghi

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Greek Funeral Customs, From Ancient Times to Today

The funeral and burial customs of the ancient Greeks, and even the Greeks of today, are and were so very different to those in...

The Heraean Games: When Greek Women Held Their Own Olympics

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The Greek Origin of Zodiac Signs in Astrology

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Why Greeks Break Plates: The History Behind the Custom

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Covid-19 Has Shone a Light on How Globalization Can Tackle Inequality

The outbreak of COVID-19 could be used as a building block in the future to reinforce international co-operation and strengthen the pillars of globalization. 

Lousios Gorge: A Hike in Arcadia, Peloponnese

Lousios Gorge has been inhabited for centuries in Lee Child, Make Me, mainly by hermits and monks who lived in caves. Two monasteries located near the gorge...

Savory Christmas Choux Recipe from Greek Chef Giorgio Pintzas Monzani

Give a Mediterranean and Greek twist to your appetizers or your Christmas cocktail evening with savory Christmas choux this year. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani Savory puffs...

The Tragic Story of the Four Greeks Who Perished on the Titanic

The tale of the four Greek men who died on the Titanic is not often told, but it is one of the many tragic stories about the ill-fated ship.

20 Greek Islands with a Different Feel for Every Traveler

There is a Greek island for everyone, whether you want endless sandy beaches, magical villages, turquoise waters, or any combination!

Ice Disc Amazes Onlookers in Frozen Maine River

An ice disc the size of a football field and resembling the Moon has re-formed and is spinning once again in the depths of...

Perfect Spots for Walking in Downtown Athens

The many fascinating views of the Greek capital, Athens, are better appreciated and enjoyed if walking down its streets at a relaxed pace rather...

Greece’s Unknown Submerged Ancient Bridge

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and the submerged bridge of Itea shows just that

Heraklion: Discover the Capital of Crete

Heraklion, the capital of the Greek island of Crete, is an ancient city that perhaps is under-appreciated for its many attractions.

A Magical Getaway to the Aegean Island of Halki

Halki island is a haven of peace and natural remedy for anxiety. Its emerald waters, its history and culture are unique features.

Kea Island: The Unsung Jewel of the Cyclades

Kea, called Tzia by most Greeks, is the closest Cycladic island to the Greek capital city of Athens

The Best Islands for Your Family Vacation in Greece this Summer

When planning your family vacation to Greece, it is important to select the appropriate destination so you have an unforgettable experience.

Battle of Plataea: The Decisive Victory Against Persia that Saved Greece

The Battle of Plataea was the final battle of the second Persian invasion of Greece with  the victory of the allied Greek forces putting an end to the Persian ambitions

Tsabouna: Mykonos Bagpipe in Danger of Becoming Lost Art

The Mykonos bagpipe called Tsabouna played in for centuries lost recently one of its musical maestros with the passing of Dimitri Koukas.

The Naming Customs of Greece, From Ancient Times to Today

Although you may know a fair bit about Greek naming customs today, there are name traditions which go all the way back to Ancient Greece. 

Finding Your Soulmate, the Ancient Greek Way

How did people in Ancient Greece view love? What did the greatest thinkers of antiquity say about the eternal quest of finding a soulmate?

10 Little-Known Natural Home Remedies from Ancient Greece

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Epic Tales of Love and Jealousy Between the Gods in Greek Mythology

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Homemade Authentic Greek Baklava Recipe

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Chocolate Dipped Melomakarona Recipe

A spin of the traditional Melomakarona, the chocolate filled Greek Christmas cookies are a great dessert for the holiday meals. In a bowl • WATER 17...

Recipe for Kourabiedes, Greece’s Christmastime Shortbread Cookies

Kourabiedes are some of the most famous Greek Christmas cookies. They are a kind of shortbread cookie, perfectly sweet and satisfying, filled with almonds...

Vasilopita Recipe: Greek New Year’s Cake

The story of the Greek Orthodox custom of the Vasilopita with the lucky coin inside, begins in Asia Minor, and more specifically in the...