Phenolic Panels

KLS Phenolic Panels have a high performance, rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core. The panels are faced on both sides with an embossed aluminium foil. They provide good Insulation, making a reduction of  the thermal loss of air conditioning.

Phenolic composite air duct of the thermal conductivity for 0.018W/mK. Phenolic composite air duct special connections ensure the ventilation system excellent air tightness, counter to  galvanized steel sheet air pipe, 8 times.

Phenolic air duct is interconnected porous phenolic foam board, has a good performance of noise reduction.

Phenolic composites duct insulation performance is good, can greatly reduce the heat loss of the air conditioning. This reduces the capacity of equipment of the central air conditioning system, which makes the central air conditioning equipment investment cost and operation costs decreased.

Accesories & Tools

Pre-insulated Duct Tools is used for fabrication of pre-insulated duct panel, including

Double 45º jack plane, Left 45º jack plane, Right 45º jack plane, 90º jack plane, 45º Side jack plane

Knife, Tape measure, Adjustable tape marker, Marking pancil, Anti-rebound hammer, Spare blades for Jack plane.

And components

Steel Shape Disk, Tee Connector Flange, Chair Section Bar, Covering Angle, Steel Angle Bracket, F Section Bar, Invisible Flange Joint, U Section Bar

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Air Duct Components

Various accesorries for connecting and sealing the Air ducts, giving the best complete solution for venting

Pre-insulated Plenums

Pre-insulated special parts

Silicon Coated Flexible Duct Connectors

Reinforced Aluminum foil tapes

Air Duct Fabrication

Aluminium foil composited Phenolic air duct can be fabricated easily, with almost no machinery. This make it convinient even for on-site construction, making it flexible for any repair or adjustment may occur on a construction site.

In comparison with the traditional Air Duct, Phenolic Air Duct production efficiency is improved by 4 ~ 5 times.

Pre-insulated Air Duct weight is light, making the installation more convenient than traditional Duct. Air duct lifting is just by a  simple hanger with less in quantity. Installation became simple and reduses the construction period. According to an estimation, for a Phenolic air duct installation each worker a day can install 20.0 ~ 30.0 m2, while for the traditional air duct only 4.0 ~ 5.0 m2 / day !!

Phenolic Panel Certificates

Traditional air duct of air-sending system of central air conditioning usually by metal or glass steel layer, is coated by a thermal insulation material outside. The outer foil winding, makes wind sending pipe self weight and installation is time-consuming with poor appearance and low air tightness. So high energy consumption.

Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated HVAC Duct Board is a ideal solution for high performance ,lightweight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process.

  • Class 0 Non-combustible product
  • UL Listed
  • Low weight
  • CFC/HCFC-free

Phenolic Foam Air Duct Systems

Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Ducting Panel Compounded with Aluminum Foil is of high strength, which takes phenolic foam as the core material with reinforcing the aluminum foil on both sides. It’s a kind of non-combustible material which gives off no smoke and no poisonous gas when exposing to fire. Its bending strenght reaches over 1Mpa and the thermal conductivity index 0.020w/mk. The phenolic foam can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting, then can be assembled into the air ducts of different specifications. It’s widely used for the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe buildings.

The Advantages of Phenolic Foam Air Duct System are:

Lower heat conductivity
Higher thermal efficiency
Low density
Light weight Foamed with CFC free materials
Environment protective. The Hermetic seal ensures little air leakage

With aluminum foil reinforced on both sides, it’s corrosion protective, hygeian, and has a beautiful appearance. Foamed with closed-cell structure, it’s water-proof and sound-insulated. Easy making, rapid installing and convenient maintenance save cost

It saves over 20% on operating cost over a 30 year life.

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